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FOLD was launched in 2014 by Rachel Filer, an ex-ad agency strategist who set out on a mission to introduce Londoners to Vietnam's secret weapon: its food and in particular, the country's ingenious creation, rice paper.

Whilst living in Asia, the wonders of Vietnamese food soon became apparent and in particular, the very traditional style of eating with rice paper, where ingredients is folded into fine sheets of rice before being dipped in a sauce. Fascinated by this discover she travelled the country with a Vietnamese food researcher, meeting with local chefs, farmers and rice paper makers to turn research and insights into a food brand for a Western market.

FL has recently setup home on famous Brick Lane in East London, converting a former curry house into a 68 seater restaurant and bar with adjoining takeaway kiosk.


Thanks goes to the architects; Gundry & Ducker and shopfitters; Spacetailors.


It’s often referred to as one of the world’s most healthy cuisines thanks to the focus on fragrant broths, fresh herbs, the lightness of coconut water over coconut milk and the use of healthier cooking techniques of steaming and grilling over frying.

In comparison to the chili heat of Thai food, Vietnamese cuisine rarely includes chili as an ingredient in the cooking process and instead allows the diner to add it themself at the table.

As with most Asian cuisines, Vietnamese uses little dairy, is mostly gluten free and the fineness of rice paper makes it a carb light option.

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