FL offers a takeaway KIOSK, RESTAURANT & BAR as well as external CATERING.

What sits at the heart of our menu is the humble rice paper

(a large flat noodle) stuffed with fresh herbs, sliced vegetables, vermicelli noodles and a choice of slow cooked meats, fish or tofu.

We offer both 'pre-folded' and 'fold your own' dishes as well as a selection of Pho (soups), Asian salads and dippable small plates.

Our food is naturally low carb and nearly all gluten and dairy free.

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Fresh, healthy and highly portable Vietnamese street foods

Midday - 4pm Monday to Sunday

Walk past us on Brick Lane in the morning and you'll see us freshly preparing Vietnamese drip filter coffee in the window ready to be served up hot or iced with sweetened condensed or coconut milk. A team of hands will be folding up hundreds of rice paper folds in our kitchen downstairs whilst our soups continue to simmer from the night before.

Whats on the menu

Rice paper folds

Filled with carrot and daikon pickles, fresh herbs and rice noodles served with a choice of dipping sauces. 

4 flavours include:

  • Caramelised ginger chicken with cockscomb mint
  • Roast beef with sesame and purple shiso
  • Tiger prawns with lemongrass and hot mint
  • Vietnamese mushroom omelette with chives





Crispy fried fold noodle bowls

Rice noodles layered with fresh herbs, carrot and daikon pickles, crispy shallots, crunchy peanuts and topped with either:

  • Chicken and woodear mushroom fried folds


Fresh, fun and interactive food

Midday - 11pm Monday to Sunday

Our food and drinks menu offers a wide selection of small and large dishes filled with the flavours of Vietnam

Vietnam's secret weapon has to be its food. Our menu aims to introduce Londoners to the amazing freshness and depth of flavour that Vietnamese cuisine excels at. A very different taste experience to the heat and richness of Thai food. Vietnamese favours the lightness of coconut water over coconut cream, broth style cooking over fried and chilli served on the side instead of cooked with a dish making it a light, tasty and healthy style of cuisine.


Our menu categories:

  • FOLDING Sets - Served on a tray, you're invited to fold your own food. Sheets of rice noodle, fresh herbs, pickles and selection of slow cooked meats, fish and tofu are served up for you to fold, dip and devour
  • DIP - selection of small plates to be dipped in our table dipping sauces
  • CRUNCH - Asian salads served with black sesame rice paper crackers
  • SLURP - Pho and clear soups that have been simmering on stove from the night before
  • HAPPY ENDINGS - a selection of desserts to offer a sweet ending to your meal 


The real joy of Vietnamese food is its invitation to get stuck in, customizing the food’s flavour as you go. Similar to eating ‘Indian’ with poppadums, naan, pickles, and chutneys, or ‘Mexican’ with ‘build your own’ tortillas, meat, cooked veg, guacomole…

The Vietnamese style of eating with rice papers invites the diner to fold cooked meats, fish and veg into soft sheets of rice paper together with fine rice noodles, fresh herbs and leaves before folding up and dipping in a choice of sauces.

It makes for a fun, creative and highly sociable way of eating, ideal for in-house group dinners or a creative and different way to entertain guests.

Suitable for 10+ diners, both FL founders would be present, introducing people to a selection of foldable dishes and introducing people how to become a rice paper folding maestro!

The FL-ING EXPERIENCE menu includes the two founders present at your event, a selection of starter canapés, 2 large main dishes plus a choice of two desserts.

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